Welcome to the Gospel Tool Kit

How to Share the Gospel

Step by Step Instructions

If you have a desire in your heart to share the good news of Jesus with friends or family members, you must first understand that God speaks to us through our hearts and it is His will and command that you go and make disciples. God has put that desire in your heart and will use you as his trusted servant to witness to your friends or family members.

  • Be prepared to share the Gospel
  • Prayer is foundational to effective witnessing
  • Print a copy of the Salvation Prayer List, pray for your friends and family members, then record their names.
  • Print a copy of the Step by Step Instructions, The Gospel Presentation and the Believers Prayer for your Bibles, wallet or purse and one copy for every vehicle you own.
  • Highlight the verses and bookmark each page of the The Gospel Presentation in your Bibles.
  • Have a copy with you at all times; this is the tool necessary to present the Gospel when the opportunity is made available by God.
  • Pray daily for your friends or family members that God would prepare their hearts, and give you an opportunity to share the Gospel.
  • When the opportunity is made available by God, present the Step by Step Gospel Presentation.
  • Record new Christians profession of faith on the eternal life birth certificate and leave it with them.

Remember: You are not alone, trust in Him

If you have been searching for a personal relationship with the one and only true God, please print: How To Be Born Again and print Receive Christ Now page.

If you have just accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, let us know we want to pray for you and recommend as a new Christian you read the New Testament and join a local Bible based church for encouragement and spiritual growth.